A new kind of book

For the long time of almost 50 years, I chased after so many things in life. Health, love, success, money, freedom, safety, happiness, etc. As you can imagine, this was very exhausting. No wonder that I burned out.


I came to the conclusion that there must be a simple solution to enjoy a rich life containing all I need and love. But what could be the simple solution? I had no idea. But the question remained in my mind. Until… 


one fine day… I woke up in the morning and immediately received an inspiration in the form of  just 1 sentence. 1 simple solution, 1 simple answer to my question:


                                                            1 switch to be rich. 


That’s all. You do not need to know more, you do not need to do more, to enjoy a rich life containing all you need and love. Simply 1 switch to be rich.